About the SafeShops Awards

The SafeShops Awards are back

  • the SafeShops Awards distinguish themselves from all other recognition in the field
  • participation is free of charge
  • the judges are your own customers
  • the evaluation is done through a thorough, objective quantitative market study
  • this valuable study will be available for all participants for free

We reward the top 5 of each category with one of these Awards (We hand out 15!!!! Awards). Categories are determined on the webshop its e-commerce turnover, divided in small, medium and big. 

  • SafeShop.be Diamond Award

You were granted the highest scores by your customers participating in the poll, and you obtained the best ratings for logistics & fulfillment, customer service, invoicing & payment… You’re the absolute winner and fully deserve the SafeShops Diamond Award.

  • Brilliant Concept Award

Your idea of a webshop was just brilliant. Your concept differentiates and inspires. Your clients are real ambassadors of your brand and webshop. If you recognize yourself in these criteria, you will surely win in this category.

  • Logistics Champion Award

Receiving a shipment from your webshop is an exciting experience to look forward to, you offer a choice of possible delivery options, box opening videos have no secrets for you… You may well be that champion we’re looking for.

  • Payment Hero Award

You implemented client friendly order and payment technology, you installed processes that make a real difference for your clients… You may be entering the final straight to become a Payment Hero.

  • Customer Friendliness Award

Your client is everything for you. You’d do anything to enhance his shopping experience, to offer him the best service and the most complete after sales follow up… Customer Friendliness is your pet topic and deserves our Award.

No doubt you do whatever you can to make each of your clients’ shopping experiences a tremendous hit. That’s reassuring… and we bet you’ll do even more once you’ve read the lines below.

Indeed, our jury for the awards will be a number of your own clients as a participant. This panel will be polled on all aspects of the participating webshops in a quantitative research study, leading to determine the winners.

No losers, only winners!

What makes the SafeShops.be Awards really unique is the concept of the customer driven research study and evaluation. Even if the webshop entry does not figure among the awards, they’ll receive their personal research study referring to their webshop. Is there a better way to discover how clients evaluate a shop and how to improve?

Who is SafeShops.be

SafeShops.be is a fastgrowing e-commerce association which promotes online shopping in Belgium. Our goal is to increase the confidence of consumers, businesses and governments in e-commerce and thus boosting e-commerce in Belgium. In order to reach our goal, we not only offer several services to webshops, but we inspire to be a true knowledge hub by organizing events, seminars and trainings.

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