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Thursday April 2nd 2020

About the SafeShops Awards


Why subscribe for the SafeShops Awards 2020

And why not? Webshop entries are easy and free. Whether you are a member of SafeShops.be or not.

The jury are your customers. Because the result of a questionnaire from the independent research agency WHY5Research, which you send to your customers, determines whether you win. For the “big” web shops, WHY5Research carries out the survey itself.

Not a far-flung jury: market research determines the winners.

Whether or not you ultimately win an award, you will in any case receive a consumer survey about your webshop. And on the day of the award ceremony, you can present your web shop to a whole new public.

So you can’t lose, just win a lot! Free research and promotion, that’s already worth it, isn’t it?

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