In the hearts and minds of the Belgian online shopper

Why we do it

Since 2017 SafeShops.be and WHY5Research investigate how the Belgian consumer shops online. We develop and share real insights into online shopping to help the e-commerce landscape grow even more. We find answers to the following questions:
♦ What is the ideal webshop according to the Belgian consumer?
♦ What are the minimum requirements for a webshop to be considered “good”?
♦ What motivates the Belgian online shopper?


How we do it

Double Goal: Quantitative Research

1. Quantifying online shopping motivations

In the qualitative section we built a hypothesis around the different motivations (needs) people can have in the context of online shopping. In the quantitative section the size / the importance of the different needs are mapped.

2. Evaluation of the nominated sites

♦ By respondents who shopped on the sites in question

♦ Focus on assessment & satisfaction of:

♦ Logistics (packaging, return policy, delivery options, etc.)

♦ Client service (communication, complaint handling, follow-up)

♦ Payment / contracting (clarity order process, security, mobile options, reimbursement, etc.)

♦ Concept (general impression and satisfaction, usability, etc.)

♦ Fit of evaluated sites with shopper motivations.


How to take home an Award?

No doubt you do whatever you can to make each of your clients’ shopping experiences a tremendous hit. That’s reassuring… and we bet you’ll do even more once you’ve seen how you can benefit from it.

Together with research agency WHY5Research we created a quantitative questionnaire. Different segments are polled in this study including logistics, payment, customer experience, user friendliness & the use of new technologies.

You send this questionnaire to a number of your clients, they will give you a quotation on all these points. Answers will be directly delivered to WHY5Research.

After a period of 1,5 months you must have a minimum of 75 responds (only categories small & medium). That’s why it’s recommended to “push” your customers to fill in the survey.


No losers, only winners!

What makes the SafeShops.be Awards really unique is the concept of the customer driven research study and evaluation. Even if the webshop entry does not figure among the awards, they’ll receive their personal research study referring to their webshop. Is there a better way to discover how clients evaluate a shop and how to improve?