Different Award

For each of these categories, a small, medium ánd big webshop will be awarded

Discover what these awards stand for

Award segments

Where does every category stand for?

5 segments

You can win in 5 different segments a SafeShops Award. In the survey your customers must rate your webshop on all different points described underneath each segment. 


  1. Low to no delivery costs (*)
  2. Reliability and speed of delivery (*)
  3. Free insurance transport and / or loss (*)
  4. Delivery options (at home, pick up point, …) (*)
  5. Simple and flexible return policy (*)
  6. Low to no service costs (**)
  7. Clarity of download procedures of tickets & vouchers (**)
  8. Clear information about event or ticket (**)

*Not for shops selling intangibles (e.g. travel) 
** Not for shops selling physical products


  1. Beautiful design
  2. Userfriendliness website (clear, search engine, filters, …)
  3. Amount of product information
  4. Clear pictures
  5. Clear & relevant video
  6. Sharp prices
  7. Fun promotions and actions
  8. Mobile friendly
  9. Wide assortment
  10. Has quality labels
  11. Offers inspiration
  12. Positive reviews


  1. Clarity of prices and costs (eg. Transport costs, extra costs for alternative payment options, …)
  2. Userfriendliness payment
  3. Number of payment options
  4. Additional measures to guarantee safety of payment (eg. 3D secure, MobilePay via bank app)
  5. Possibility to save payment details (eg. for later purchases)

Client Service

  1. Accessibility customer service (opening hours and channels)
  2. Expertise customer service
  3. Friendly and quick service
  4. Quality of FAQ

New in 2022:

Why participate?

The SafeShops Awards
Not just an ordinary award show. 
But research driven. 

Competition is open for all companies with an e-commerce website and a .be

All awards are delivered in 3 categories (small, medium & big)  depending on your yearly e-commerce turnover

Even if your webshop does not win an award, you’re still going home with a client research study of your web shop.