Yf Soreyn

About Yf:

Creating value by transforming user needs into intuitive and memorable seamless experiences for both users and customers.


There are always risks involved when doing a complete redesign of your decent running website. Just to name one: websites can cause a higher cognitive load on users which could negatively impact your website’s conversion. In this case, we’ll show you how Standaard Boekhandel made insightful decisions that led the launch of a new website to success and how you can continue to optimize your website.

Philippe De Vydt

Expert Session

Philippe De Vydt will disclose how the payment business and the market in general is changing – rapidly.

Many traditional businesses are moving to online solutions to handle their orders and payments. QR codes, mobile payment pages, direct checkouts, moving well beyond POS. Our business is shifting from “e-commerce transactions” towards “payments”, wherever they may originate from. If your company – as many others – is also rethinking its strategy whether by choice, regulations or competition, get inspired by our stories of only the last couple of months with some major players in the Belgian and European market.

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