Didier Helsen

SpecialitySAP Customer Data Management
Hello Google? Time to think again about cookies and dataTime to rethink about cookies and data Traffic, Privacy, Consent, Personalization, Intelligent offering and customer satisfaction are all driven by the quality of data. With Google abandoning 3rd party cookie policy, e-commerce managers need to put in place new strategies and tools to stay ahead of the game and deliver that CX that makes your customer come back and again.

Didier Helsen studied Marketing and Business Economics. Marketing was his first love and as the song goes, will also be his last. He started his first experience in a marketing agency working for companies like Coca-cola and Mobistar. But it was his instore experience at AS adventure that gave him a real grasp on the customer. He took his first steps in an SAAS environment while working and starting a company called Social Seeder, an ambassador platform. Over the last 6 years, he was active in the area of Customer Experience first for Oracle and since 2,5 years for SAP. Nowadays, Didier is at the customer data management team of SAP, evangelizing the importance of customer data throughout the company.

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