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Web Celeb
Ecommerce personality of the year 

Belgian e-commerce continues to grow and this is the result of the efforts of many people. With the presentation of the Web Celeb Award, SafeShops.be, the Belgian association for the e-commerce sector, wants to reward a person who has contributed to the development of e-commerce in Belgium.

After several rounds of selection, judged by a professional jury*, three finalists will make it to the shortlist.

After the final debate and a final round of public voting during the SafeShops Awards ceremony, someone new will succeed Cis Scherpereel and be named e-commerce personality of the year.

Web Celeb 2021
Cis Scherpereel

After a final round of public voting during the presentation of the SafeShops Award, Cis Scherpereel was proclaimed e-commerce personality of the year. The Web Celeb Award was presented by Ilse Michiels of bol.com, partner of the Web Celeb Award.

Cis Scherpereel: “I feel this is a heartwarming appreciation for sharing and connecting knowledge on e-commerce. A role that gives me a lot of energy myself, by the way. I am glad that I can continue to do this with even more passion than before for entrepreneurs with ambition.

How does it work?

The Web Celeb will be elected on Thursday, October 6th 2022 in UGC Mechelen, along with the SafeShops Awards.

Anyone can submit a candidacy to become Web Celeb 2021. Just check out if you fit the description:

  • You are Dutch and/or French speaking
  • E-commerce is in your blood, you have been active in the e-commerce sector for at least 5 years with your webshop, as a supplier or in another capacity within the sector
  • You have the Belgian nationality
  • You are active on the Belgian market or you have an activity with an impact in Belgium / on the Belgian market
  • You are present at the SafeShops Awards virtual day on June 3rd and on the Award ceremony on Thursday, October 7th 2021.
  • You are willing to commit to the sector
  • You possess a generous dose of charisma and have a beautiful or promising e-commerce pathway.

The Jury

The jury is composed of representatives from various stakeholder groups within e-commerce

The race to the Trophy

April 4th - Call for candidates : hand in your candidacy
Subscriptions are open
May 9th - Applications closed​
Applications closed
Candidacies are reviewed into 20 shortlisted candidates
Shortlist of 20 possible nominees is created
May 18th - The Jury reviews all 20 candidates
The jury receives the shortlist
May 30th - The Jury nominates 3 finalists
The Jury chooses 2 nominees
June 24th - Get to know the finalists during our Research Day
Public announcement of the 3 nominees
Start campaign and voting
Start campaign and voting
June until October - Make some noise
3 moths of campaigning to gain votes
6th of October - Announcement of the winner of the Web Celeb Trophy
final debate during the SafeShops Awards ceremony, closing votes and announcement of the winner of the Web Celeb Trophy

What’s in it for you as a Web Celeb?

Web Celeb' trofee

A beautiful Web Celeb trophy, in genuine Oscar style

Eternal fame

And for one year, you will be the face of e-commerce in Belgium and represent the sector along with SafeShops.be.

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